LogiGear, a world leader in software testing solutions, today announced that it will offer software testing services to VBPO, a Vietnam-based provider of information technology applications. In exchange, VBPO will provide engineering services in a new, wide ranging partnership between the two companies.

In recent years, BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) has emerged as a viable outsourcing solution as the demand for organizations to increase revenue and productivity, has increased. BPO helps large enterprises optimize and streamline their organization structure and focus resources on developing key business and administrative operations. BPO is one of the most effective methods to save costs and grow profits in any global economic climate.

VBPO will provide a group of engineers to LogiGear, while LogiGear will provide software testing training to the VBPO engineers. VBPO will also open its market of Japanese customers looking for testing services to LogiGear for its support in the in the sales and presales processes.

“We are excited to engage in this new partnership with VBPO to meet the evolving needs of businesses,” said Hung Nguyen, CEO of LogiGear. “VBPO business process outsourcing services help businesses reduce the pressure on revenue, while providing a rich source of jobs for the people in Central Vietnam.”

VBPO, established in 2010 in Vietnam, is one of the leading brands of BPO services in Vietnam. VBPO brings expertise in information technology applications, from data entry, and document digitization to more complex tasks such as accounting services, financial, customer care, and graphics processing to customers seeking these services.

“LogiGear is the preeminent provider of software testing services and it is a pleasure to work with the company to provide it with a channel into the Japanese market,” said Tran Manh Huy, general director of VBPO. “Usually, BPO is implemented as a cost-saving measure, but for us, teaming with LogiGear brings about a wealth of deep industry knowledge that we are excited to share with our customers.”

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