New York. Washington, D.C. Chicago. Dubai.

Many SharePoint users and trainers will be hitting the road over the next couple weeks for events, while others remain behind, offering tips and tricks on their blogs, and sharing new discoveries about SharePoint on their Twitter accounts.

Me? I’m hunkered down at SPTechCon world headquarters on beautiful Long Island, pulling together session submissions and listening to the kinds of issues folks are having as we work to create the next SPTechCon—in San Francisco next February 26-29.

We’ve learned that SharePoint has been in use long enough now that folks are looking for more detailed, advanced information to move their projects and processes along. We’ve learned that more and more people have migrated to 2010, and face issues moving content and data from earlier versions.

So follow this space as we bring you information to help you clear your hurdles and provide you with the deeper knowledge you need. We’re broadening our stable of SharePointers authors to provide more depth (starting with today’s column from MVP John Ross on customizing search). Even The Linker is on board, with links to more-advanced information out there (as well as his usual nonsense videos!). And, all of this material can be found on, where it lives long after this newsletter is published.

OUR SharePoint journey has just taken a turn for the better. Come on along!

— David