HCL Software is expanding on its low-code capabilities and partnerships with the release of HCL Volt MX. The new solution is a low-code application development platform designed for professional developers building multi-experience applications. 

According to the company, developers are often bogged down learning the specific skills for specific platforms such as Android and iOS. Additionally, there is a finite number of developers who are actually experienced in one particular platform. Volt MX is designed so developers can build native mobile apps, progressive web applications, and wearable solutions once and deploy them anywhere. Additionally, Andrew Manby, associate vice president of product management for HCL Software’s digital solutions, explained that current citizen developer offerings don’t really provide the deep capabilities necessary to accelerate productivity for developers. 

“For professional developers, you have to have the horsepower and you have to have the capabilities and that’s what ultimately led to Volt MX,” he said. 

Volt MX also aims to remove backend complexity for developers so they can get access to existing data and business processes. “The quicker you can connect the developer with those underlying systems, you’re going to get that acceleration. And that’s something that greatly simplifies the life of the developer,” said Manby.  

Lastly, Volt MX tackles virtual reality, augment reality and voice chat so developers can easily add virtual elements, AI and natural language processing to their solutions. “We make it easier for the common professional developer to be able to build something really exciting with those toolkits and not have to be an expert,” Manby added. 

Going forward, the company plans to expand on its professional developer low-code capabilities as well as add new citizen developer capabilities and solutions to complement Volt MX. 

“Our support for low-code developer productivity means faster innovation and lower TCO — so business and IT leadership can focus on high-value digital and operational strategic initiatives,” the company wrote on the Volt MX website