Data management solution provider Altova announced the release of MobileTogether 6.0. The update is designed to bring new functionalities to low-code programming and to speed up mobile app development. 

New features include control templates that allow developers to define and group multiple controls in a way that makes this group of controls easily reusable on multiple other pages, as well as Placeholder Control that can position Control Template at a desired location. 

“Control Templates and Placeholder Controls represent a major breakthrough in dynamic design for MobileTogether apps, offering developers an easy, efficient way to define and reuse sophisticated controls and implement flexible app behavior targeted to various scenarios,” Altova wrote in a post. 

Other new features include selecting Action Groups via XPath, parameters for subpages, support for local variables, new break-loop action and enhanced FlowForce Server integration. The release also introduces a highly requested feature, dark mode, with options for enabling dark/light modes.

“These new tools, along with support for the latest mobile device trends like dark and split screen modes, help developers build apps that deliver a dynamic, sophisticated app performance that will delight end users,” Altova wrote. 

The full list of features is available here.