MadCap Software announced yesterday that the newest releases of MadPak and MadPak ML (Multilingual) content authoring suites are now available. The latest releases of the suites offer three new product versions: MadCap Flare 7.0 for single-source multi-channel publishing; MadCap Analyzer 4.0 for analyzing Flare-based content; and MadCap Contributor for editing, reviewing and contributing to Flare content.

Flare 7.0 and Contributor integrate with Microsoft SharePoint, and they include features for vector and equation publishing, the company announced. Additionally, Flare 7.0 and Analyzer 4.0 extend support for government accessibility standards. Flare users can now connect to SharePoint servers within their organizations to access and edit SharePoint files from within any Flare project, the company said. The Contributor integration with SharePoint enables users to leverage SharePoint’s collaboration, file-sharing and Web-publishing capabilities.

Along with MadCap Flare, Analyzer and Contributor, the MadPak suite also includes MadCap Mimic 5.0 for publishing software simulation movies, video and audio; and MadCap Capture 4.0 for image capture and graphics editing. MadPak ML offers all the products in MadPak, plus the MadCap Lingo translation environment tool to support companies with a global presence.

Anthony Olivier, MadCap founder and CEO, said, “We’ve extended our commitment to creating a superior experience for the users of our software by integrating with Microsoft SharePoint and Apache Subversion to enhance collaboration and version control, delivering new functionality for publishing equations and vector graphics, and adding an extensive list of other usability enhancements to our MadPak and MadPak ML suites.”