MapR Technologies, Inc., the provider of the industry’s most advanced distribution for Apache Hadoop, today unveiled the MapR Training Academy, a free Internet-based source for training videos and documentation to help the Hadoop user community effectively accelerate the use of Hadoop for more business users. MapR Academy provides an introduction to Hadoop as a Big Data analytics platform and delves into the architecture, design and administration of Hadoop.

“MapR has developed a curriculum to help Hadoop users get up to speed, and accelerate the successful deployment and use of Hadoop,” said Jack Norris, vice president of marketing, MapR Technologies. “We’re committed to provide a robust and free training resource.”

According to Peter Conrad, education services manager, MapR Technologies, “As Hadoop grows, MapR Academy will continue to grow its comprehensive curriculum. We are committed to educating administrators, developers, and analysts alike on the power of Hadoop and ecosystem applications.”

Hadoop Training for Administrators
Administrators will find a wealth of information about installing, deploying, and managing a cluster. Instructional videos coupled with free software downloads provide hands-on cluster management experience that will transfer to an enterprise setting.

Hadoop Training for Developers
Developers who want to learn the basics of MapReduce programming and Hadoop will discover a growing body of tutorials and instructions that show topics from basic parallel processing concepts all the way to writing Pig and Hive queries. Installation tutorials will help developers build a single-node cluster to work with, and run real MapReduce jobs directly.

Hadoop Training for the Analyst
Analysts and business users who want to know more about how Hadoop works for data analysis in a business setting will discover valuable materials about the capabilities and concepts of Hadoop, and what the future holds for big data.

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