As MarkLogic 5 brings Big Data applications to the enterprise, software developers and students are in a position to be on the leading edge of a unique opportunity. MarkLogic Corporation, the company empowering organizations to make high stakes decisions on Big Data in real time, today announced the availability of MarkLogic Express, a new MarkLogic 5 license that allows students and developers to download and take MarkLogic into production immediately. Additional updates include improvements to the developer website and more ways for MarkLogic developers to share solutions, participate in discussions, and help build a community around MarkLogic technology.
“When I joined MarkLogic earlier this year, one of my goals was to improve how we work with students and developers”

“When I joined MarkLogic earlier this year, one of my goals was to improve how we work with students and developers,” said Ken Bado, president and CEO, MarkLogic. “With MarkLogic Express, the keys are in their hands. Now students and developers have the ability to build out their own MarkLogic instances and take them into production. The sky is the limit with what they can create. Combined with improvements to the developer site, MarkLogic is on an upward trajectory to mobilizing a significant developer network. There’s never been a better time to dive right in and try MarkLogic.”

“Researchers with a lot of text, document, or network data should take a close look at MarkLogic,” said Curt Monash, president of Monash Research and editor of DBMS 2. “It shines at handling that kind of information.”

MarkLogic Express includes geospatial capabilities, alerting, and can be used in production environments. That means a developer can take a MarkLogic implementation that leverages a 2 CPU node and up to 40 GB of data live. In the near future, students will also be able to harness the power of MarkLogic to build full applications – all that is needed is a simple .edu email address. Full updates include:
• MarkLogic Express – MarkLogic Express is a new license that will allow developers to build and deploy MarkLogic production applications. MarkLogic Express is available today.
• Connecting Developers – With a new Feedback Forum, comments enabled on nearly every page, and better recognition for community members that make contributions, developers have multiple options to connect and contribute. Top contributors also have the opportunity to become “SuperNodes,” and will receive strong recognition as well as the opportunity to participate in special pilot and beta programs.
• Updates to Developer Site – A number of updates have been made to the MarkLogic Developer website, including new tutorials, new documentation, and improvements to the accessibility of content for developers.
• RESTful API – A new open source RESTful API that allows students and developers to build applications on MarkLogic using their software language of choice.

For more information about MarkLogic, please visit the MarkLogic website. To learn more about the MarkLogic developer program, please visit the MarkLogic Developer Site. In addition to MarkLogic Express, MarkLogic today announced MarkLogic 5, the latest version of its flagship product. For more information on MarkLogic 5, please visit the MarkLogic 5 web page.