GrapeCity today announced that MDH Technology has selected ActiveReports Server as their 100% Web-based, ad hoc reporting solution for their customers.

Concerned about adopting new reporting solution
As with all new software, MDH Technology was hesitant about buying something that was in the early stages of production.  Also, they were concerned about whether ActiveReports Server would work in their specific environment.

ActiveReports Server passed all the tests
MDH Technology found the product to be as advertised, and it integrated directly into their environment. They used some of the more advanced features such as security integration and creation of filtered reports. ActiveReports Server was able to meet all of their needs.

Logical data models made custom report development easier
The feature that they liked most in ActiveReports Server was the data model editor. MDH Technology gets some not-so-easy requests for data, and the ability to do custom work is a must. The data model editor provides robust, feature-rich methods of adding entities to existing models.

Security model and ad hoc report designer stood out
MDH Technology found that the data-level security filters and custom security provider integrated easily with their systems. The report designer allows end users to design their own reports and access their data, and the report input parameters allow users to select data at run time and filter reports.

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