Melissa, a leading provider of global data quality and address management solutions, today announced its 2021 Melissa Solutions Catalog series which highlights the company’s comprehensive suite of solutions and services that help keep customer data clean, correct, and valuable to business operations. Melissa’s Solutions Catalog series provides insight on data quality, enrichment, and identity verification solutions powering compliance, fraud prevention, sales, customer engagement, and analytics.

“Bad data hurts sales, decreases customer satisfaction, and costs money, as much as $3 trillion annually, according to Gartner,” said Bud Walker, vice president enterprise sales and strategy, Melissa. “Facing this challenge demands vigilance across the full lifecycle of data operations – tapping into smart, sharp solutions that meet specific organizational needs, enable proactive data cleansing and enrichment, and ensure that only clean records enter master data management systems.”

Developed as a resource for database administrators and developers alike, Melissa’s enterprise solutions catalog features tools that clean, verify, update, dedupe, and enrich customer contact data. Capabilities can be implemented at any point in the data chain and are designed to ensure all your global ‘people’ data – addresses, names, phones, and emails – are validated, updated, and standardized. Deployments are flexible, available in on-premise, web service, secure FTP processing, and software as a service (SaaS) delivery options.

Melissa’s healthcare data quality solutions are also featured, and are ideal to cleanse healthcare and life science data crucial to unlocking drug discovery and clinical research. Incorporating machine reasoning and advanced semantic strategies, Melissa’s healthcare data quality tools help uncover deeper connections within the unusually complex and diverse datasets common to real-world clinical research.

Melissa’s direct marketing catalog offers a one-stop shop for direct marketing data and services, helping marketers get in front of customers and prospects efficiently, economically, and with customer-centricity. Marketers can gain access to mailing lists and sales leads for micro-targeting; clean, complete, and enrich existing lists; and mail or email targets effectively with postal presorting and email services.