After several months of testing and as a free public Beta, the full version of Meme IDE 1.14 has been released for Windows Mobile 6.5 and Android 2.1+ platforms.  Meme IDE is built around the Eclipse RCP framework, it allows for fluid development of business applications, where the ‘boiler-plate’ code Meme Script is built for you. Developers should expect development times to be reduced by a factor of up to 3 times more than conventional IDE’s.
The latest edition v1.14 offers a number of noticeable improvements and adds a number of extra features not included in the original Beta, including in app phone dialling and photo capture.  It also includes bug fixes, where the developers have ironed out and refined the user experience on both Windows Mobile and Android platforms.
On Windows Mobile 6.5 it apportions absolute layout, with full customisation of fonts, colours etc.  On Android 2.1+ it uses a series of nested ‘flow containers’ to be populated with controls.  Other discerning features added include:
· Graphical screen designers for WM 6.5 and Android 2.1+
· Code Generation for Android and WM
· Inferred screen generation for Android from Windows Mobile screen designs
· Automatic deployment to Android emulator
· Integration with Subversion
Looking ahead, Meme IDE v1.14 version will soon be available on iOS and Blackberry in early 2012.
The software will always have a ‘free for life option’ which will be community supported and have a Meme splash screen on the mobile app for 5 seconds. There are now only a few differences, which is great news for developers!
To download the Meme IDE v1.14 go to, users are expected to register and create an account prior to downloading the free software.
Now, developers can get their app to market faster by benefiting from a FREE upgrade to the Premium Version of Meme IDE v1.14 until 31 December 2011.  Developers can build and deploy their business apps, quickly and effortlessly on any mobile device without restrictions and receive full critical and technical response support time (typical turnaround times being 1 to 3 day/s)
In addition developers will also benefit from free tutorials, demonstrations, video support and webinars.  After the extended period expires, applications will be deployed without a splash screen should developers choose not to extend the support contract.  Developers are urged to seize this opportunity quickly, with less than three months to go to get their app to market!