MemSQL is announcing the general availability of the distributed version of its eponymous in-memory database. The new distributed version enables organizations to power real-time analytics on big data. Also included in the new version is MemSQL Watch, a browser-based interface that provides insight into software status, hardware performance, and system configuration in a single view. MemSQL’s advanced capabilities allow organizations to take full advantage of their data streams faster in order to make informed decisions, better engage customers, and identify competitive advantages. Designed specifically to tackle common big data challenges, the distributed version addresses issues such as network security, operational analytics, risk management and real-time marketing campaign optimization.

Industry support
According to Gartner, “Companies are adopting in-memory computing technologies to meet the demand for faster performance and greater scalability.” Additionally, “An increasing number of organizations — in telecommunications, financial services, automotive, e-commerce, media and entertainment, online gaming, defense, social networks, cloud services, SaaS and other industries — successfully use in-memory to support large-scale production, business-critical transactional systems and, increasingly, big data analytics applications.”

“We face a significant challenge in the amount of data that we need to analyze,” said Dan McCaffrey, general manager for platform and analytics engineering, Zynga. “MemSQL’s in-memory clustering architecture allows us to gain fast insights from our big data at scale, which is critical to growing our business and increasing player value.”

“Our customers tell us that the database has traditionally been the bottleneck in their analytic workloads because of the time it takes to get data into the database and the time it takes to return results. That’s simply not the case anymore,” said Eric Frenkiel, CEO, MemSQL. “With MemSQL’s distributed version, organizations can instantly gain access to real-time analytics from their database, on any workload, creating significant competitive advantage and opening up new business opportunities.”

Features and benefits
MemSQL’s real-time analytics platform is built on the world’s fastest, most scalable in-memory database, capable of simultaneously handling real-time transactions and analytic workloads. The distributed version offers:
• Enhanced ease of use
  o SQL – the most popular database language – can be used for both OLTP and OLAP workloads.
  o MemSQL Watch is a browser-based interface that provides visual insights into software status, hardware performance, and system configuration in a single view
• Processing at big data scale
  o Horizontal scale-out on commodity hardware.
  o Incremental scale-out to align costs with budgets and capacity with performance and volume requirements.
• Enterprise-class reliability
  o Three types of redundancy ensure data integrity – across nodes, on physical disk and across data centers.

MemSQL and supporting documentation is available for download at