Mendix, a leading provider of application Platform-as-a-Service (aPaaS), today announced a new release, making it even easier for enterprises to develop and deploy modern applications in support of digital innovation and transformation initiatives. The Mendix Digital Experience (DX) release includes extensive pre-crafted UI templates; OData support; enhancements to the online developer community; and an expanded Free Edition with full production capability.

According to Gartner, Inc.1, “Digital business technologies are disrupting business operations in ways that have not previously been seen. IT leaders should act as change agents by adapting their thinking, their methods and their technologies to support fluidic change and by becoming proponents of digital technology.”

With applications playing an increasingly crucial role in digital business strategies, IT and business must work together to innovate faster and more flexibly. Industry leaders across the globe are responding to these pressures by adopting Mendix to augment existing IT and create a fast-track for digital innovation.

The Mendix Digital Experience Release moves the goalpost for high-productivity application platforms, making it easier to deliver smart, connected and appealing applications out of the box. Key capabilities include:

Responsive UI Framework

Mendix has simplified User Experience (UX) design, allowing developers without deep technical and design skills to build engaging, responsive multi-device applications. A new UI Framework delivers a comprehensive set of UI patterns, themes, navigation layouts, and page templates. Using this framework, developers can create “pixel-perfect,” fully responsive applications out of the box.

Enhanced Analytics through OData Support

Mendix now supports OData, an open protocol that enables simple creation and consumption of query-able and interoperable RESTful APIs for data. One click turns data into information by pulling live data from Mendix applications into BI and analytics tools, such as Tableau, SAS, R and Excel. A new streaming query mechanism features high performance and low memory usage.

Improved Developer Experience

The release offers an improved developer experience through upgraded sign-up flows, project wizards, instructional videos, how-to guides and an enhanced developer website. These resources, collected in the new “Mendix Cookbook,” help remove complexity, speed ramp-up time, and enable developers to focus on building applications that make a difference.

Free Full-Production Edition                                

The Mendix Free Edition provides a full-production platform, 100% free of charge. Companies can build and deploy unlimited applications, up to 10 users each. This includes backups, monitoring, live debugging, REST support and deep-linking. The Mendix Free Edition replaces the Mendix Community Edition, which thousands of developers used to quickly create pilots and prototypes. Now, companies can easily test application ideas in production, before scaling them across and beyond the organization.

“With software playing a defining role in companies’ success, each business faces a critical question: How will it drive digital innovation?” said Derek Roos, CEO and co-founder of Mendix. “With the Mendix Digital Experience Release, enterprises have an even faster path to harnessing the power of digital technologies to rethink processes, create digital business models, and revolutionize their businesses and even their industries.”


The capabilities of the Mendix Digital Experience Release will be rolled out in the coming weeks. To learn more, visit