Metalogix, the leading provider of content infrastructure software to improve the use and performance of enterprise content on Microsoft SharePoint, Exchange and Cloud platforms, today announced its full support for Windows Azure Infrastructure Services across its award-winning suite of SharePoint products. As a Microsoft Gold Partner and a managed partner in Microsoft’s High Potential ISV Group, the Azure support further strengthens the relationship between Metalogix, Microsoft and Microsoft customers.
Windows Azure provides unprecedented options for cloud deployments by allowing organizations to create on-demand infrastructure that scales and adapts to changing business needs. At the 2013 Worldwide Partner Conference, Microsoft announced that more than 50 percent of Fortune 500 companies are using Azure and 3.2 million organizations and 68 million users worldwide have adopted Office 365. With Windows Azure, organizations can deploy fully featured, fully supported and robust infrastructure for SharePoint in the cloud, which can reduce costs and improve scalability. It also provides the ability to develop, test and run SharePoint applications with full SQL Server functionality or move existing on-premises SharePoint applications to cloud for performance benefits.
For organizations moving to Windows Azure, Metalogix SharePoint products, used by more than 7,500 customers, provide the fastest and smoothest on-ramp to the Cloud to take full advantage of the cost, scalability and performance benefits. Metalogix Content Matrix, which is the industry standard for SharePoint migration or upgrade projects, provides the ability for organizations to quickly and easily migrate SharePoint 2003, 2007 and 2010 content directly to SharePoint 2010 and 2013 running on Azure. The product, which has moved more than 50,000 terabytes in its history, supports the ongoing management of content in SharePoint running on-premises and in the Azure cloud, enabling hybrid-cloud scenarios to move content back and forth between the two.
With Metalogix StoragePoint, organizations can slash SharePoint storage costs and boost SharePoint performance by offloading unstructured SharePoint content to Azure. StoragePoint offloads up to 95% of this content, files such as Word documents, PDFs and PPTs known as Binary Large Objects (BLOBs), from the underlying SQL Server database to Azure BLOB Storage from on-premises deployments or SharePoint in the Azure Cloud.
For organizations running Windows Azure Infrastructure Services and on-premises SharePoint, Metalogix Replicator gives them the ability to synchronize content in real-time between deployments without the need for multiple data centers. This is ideal for organizations looking to set up SharePoint extranets to selectively share content with partners and customers. Additionally, organizations can enable a highly available, global SharePoint architecture that ensures content is up-to-date and served to end users in distributed locations.
“The Cloud has become an increasingly popular option for our customers to manage, store and access content and Windows Azure Infrastructure Services gives them more flexibility and options,” said Steven Murphy, CEO, Metalogix. “The suite of Metalogix SharePoint products will give organizations the tools they need to improve the use and performance of their SharePoint content on-premises, in the cloud or in hybrid-cloud scenarios. By using Metalogix and Windows Azure, organization will realize storage cost savings, better performance and increased productivity of all end users, regardless of location.”
To get started, download the free edition of Content Matrix Migration Express and move up to 25 GBs at no cost to the cloud by clicking here: