Metalogix today announced the launch of Metalogix SharePoint Backup 4.0, a purpose-built storage product that rapidly backs up and restores business-critical content managed in SharePoint deployments. Also included with the launch is a cost-saving offer that enables SharePoint administrators to replace their current backup product “risk free” with SharePoint Backup 4.0 at half the cost of their current backup maintenance fee.
As companies continue to generate large volumes of mission-critical content, their SharePoint backup and restore solutions are essential to the continuity of their business. No longer are “out of the box” or “one size fits all” backup solutions reliable. With SharePoint Backup 4.0 Metalogix is meeting the needs of SharePoint administrators who have asked for a purpose-built SharePoint backup product that provides the required features and scalability needed to protect growing business-critical SharePoint environments.
Metalogix’s SharePoint Backup 4.0 product delivers low cost, high speed SharePoint backup that supports full farm backup and granular content recovery for SharePoint 2010 and 2013. Customers switching to Metalogix SharePoint Backup 4.0 from their current solution will realize significant cost savings.  New customers can obtain a one year license at 50 percent off the cost of their current backup solution or a 3 year license for the price of one year with their current vendor.
“As companies grow and become more complex, so do their SharePoint deployments. It is critically important that organizations have a backup system in place that keeps content safe and accessible, said Steven Murphy, CEO, Metalogix. “With Metalogix SharePoint Backup 4.0 we are offering businesses a superior SharePoint backup solution and the option to save 50 percent on costs associated with the protection of their SharePoint deployments.”
With SharePoint Backup 4.0, SharePoint administrators have increased control over the backup and restore process from beginning to end. SharePoint Backup 4.0 can be rapidly deployed in any 2010 or 2013 SharePoint environment to quickly backup, encrypt and compress content as needed. Additionally, SharePoint Backup 4.0 offers automated backup, item-level restore at no additional charge, and self-service restore capabilities at a granular level, all with 24 x7 LIVE support.
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