MetaVis Technologies, a leading provider of SharePoint migration and administration products, announces the availability of a new SharePoint governance and compliance tool, MetaVis Informant for SharePoint. This agentless software is designed to find and secure sensitive information such as Personally Identifiable Information (PII), HR or project data in SharePoint, Office 365 and file systems. With Informant, organizations can quickly enforce compliance and efficiently mitigate risk in their SharePoint or Office 365 environments. MetaVis will also be hosting a free Webinar on identifying PII using Informant on June 13 at 2pm ET.
“With a majority of enterprise data still stored in file shares or ECM systems such as SharePoint, companies continuously struggle to control access and secure their unstructured data in order to prevent information leaks, security breaches and compliance risks,” said Peter Senescu, President and Co-founder of MetaVis Technologies. “Informant for SharePoint allows companies to quickly crawl, analyze and enforce governance policies for their unstructured data – no matter where it resides. MetaVis helps companies ‘Know Their Data’ and secure PII in SharePoint (premise or hosted), file systems as well as popular cloud solutions such as Microsoft SkyDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive and Amazon S3.”
“For a recent consulting engagement, we implemented MetaVis Informant to help a government customer identify sensitive information in their SharePoint and file system environments,” said Rick Rosenburg, President and CEO of Seros. “Informant’s easy-to-use, intuitive rules engine allowed for configuration and scanning to begin in minutes. The customer was able to quickly identify content that did not conform to governance policies and take the appropriate security measures. With Informant in place, the customer has a fast and simple way to regularly monitor their unstructured data and ensure that sensitive information is always secure.”
MetaVis Informant for SharePoint supports Office 365, SharePoint 2013, all previous versions of SharePoint, Dropbox, and File Systems. Support for Google Docs, Amazon S3, Azure, Exchange and Outlook Email will be added over the next few months.  With MetaVis Informant companies will be able to:
• Achieve Compliance: Enforce industry compliance standards, including federal and international accessibility guidelines, and other external regulations through policy driven actions in SharePoint, Office 365, and the file system.
• Mitigate Risk: Manage risk effectively and protect sensitive information from exposure, such as financial misstatement or the inadvertent release of data, through proactive and automated policy driven actions.
• Discover and Report: Actively monitor and create detailed reports of your content, including the ability to flag objects outside of a policy so that you can take automated action in accordance with your SharePoint governance plan.
• Identify Sensitive Information: Rapidly analyze content across multiple sources and identify sensitive information, such as PII, PHI, and other privacy data inside the actual files through advanced crawling and sophisticated text analytics.
• Improve Data Security: Set desired permissions or lock-down objects, such as sites, lists and libraries, folders, and items across multiple content sources.
• Take Action: Schedule, copy, move, delete, modify permissions, auto-tag, archive, backup, and set field values based on analysis and compliance policy reports.
To learn more about identifying and securing PII in SharePoint, MetaVis will be hosting a joint Webinar with Seros on June 13 at 2pm ET. The free Webinar will highlight how to analyze the content of your files in SharePoint and take action to effectively assure compliance using MetaVis Informant. Plus, learn how one state government agency is using Informant today to solve their PII challenges. Register for the Webinar at