MetaVis Technologies, a leading provider of SharePoint migration and administration products, announced that Information Manager Enterprise User Edition now supports SharePoint 2013 allowing users to manage data directly from the SharePoint user interface. With Information Manager Enterprise User Edition, companies can ensure that their users have the tools they need to easily and quickly tag, organize and manage data in SharePoint 2013 while still maintaining metadata and permissions. This improves SharePoint 2013 search results and overall user adoption.
Deployed to the SharePoint 2013 or 2010 server, Information Manager Enterprise User Edition empowers any permissioned SharePoint user to bulk copy, upload, download and classify content directly from the SharePoint 2013 or 2010 ribbon. New enhanced options in the product allow users to move as well as copy and paste items and documents between SharePoint farm locations.
“Organizing information in SharePoint does not need to be hard,” said Peter Senescu, President and Co-founder of MetaVis Technologies. “MetaVis Information Manager Enterprise Edition provides users with more control to manage content directly from the SharePoint 2013 user interface minimizing the learning curve and increasing the use of metadata. For a SharePoint deployment to be successful, content needs to be properly tagged and easily searched. MetaVis Information Manager Enterprise Edition is designed to simplify that process and improve document find-ability, search, accessibility and navigation.”
Information Manager Enterprise User Edition features include:
• Bulk Tag/Classify: Enable users to mass assign metadata values, including the ability to copy values from other columns, content types and items.
• Bulk Copy/Move: Allow users to selectively copy or move content to another list, site or site collection while retaining or modifying metadata.
• Bulk Upload: Allow users to import files from a file share while enriching the content with metadata from file system attributes, folder names or existing SharePoint columns such as managed metadata fields.
• Bulk Download: Single or multi-select content from within SharePoint to download it, including versions and metadata, to your local file share.
• Bulk Approve: Approve and reject multiple documents in a few simple clicks.
• Remap Content: Move content and metadata into new fields and content types.
• Security Trimmed:  The tool only provides access to locations or items in which the user has permissions.
• Hide/Show Features: The tool can hide or show specific features based on Permission levels.