MetaVis Technologies, a leader in information management solutions for Microsoft SharePoint and cloud platforms, today announced new SharePoint administration and analytic capabilities for Office 365 SharePoint designed to help companies better manage, secure and control their content in the cloud. Using one single interface, SharePoint administrators have access to centralized reporting and actionable management to gain valuable insights about their SharePoint farms or Office 365 tenancies for improved decision making and governance. The new administration capabilities are part of the MetaVis Platform and are available in the MetaVis Office 365 and Administration Suites.
As organizations move to the cloud, the demand for tighter security and control increases. Unfortunately, hosted SharePoint environments, like Office 365, lack the administrative dashboards and reports to monitor and manage the content that flows through site collections on a daily basis. Without these tools readily accessible organizations cannot maximize and optimize their content.
“We heard from our Office 365 customers as well as our hosted SharePoint customers that they need an easy to install and use enterprise solution to better understand the content they have in the cloud and need daily management tools to secure and administer that content,” said Peter Senescu, President and Co-founder of MetaVis Technologies. “Other competitive products are hard to install and require on premise servers which is counter-intuitive. We are excited to be providing SharePoint customers with the administration capabilities to better manage Office 365 SharePoint user activity, site growth and content distribution as well as identify accessibility and security issues.  This new functionality will allow Office 365 customers to make smarter decisions about managing and securing content in the cloud.”
Office 365 SharePoint administration highlights include:
• Centralized SharePoint Reporting – Bundled with a collection of prominent reports, customizable dashboards consolidate the management of site collections, site and list settings, configuration and permissions allowing SharePoint Administrators to easily see key information about their environments from a single, feature rich view.
• Predict SharePoint Growth and Plan Accordingly – Identify trends in your SharePoint environment to understand growth patterns such as Site Activity, User Activity, Data Growth, User Adoption, and Data size allowing you to configure and scale your SharePoint environment for optimized use.
• Business Intelligence– Monitor user activity to gain insights about your most valuable content and learn which information is least valuable and who is accessing documents the most.
• Take Action – Take actions based on information learned from the reports using intuitive menu options to maintain or enforce governance and policies across your SharePoint environment.
• Manage Security and Permissions – Better understand permission inheritance across your SharePoint lists and sites in order to identify security and accessibility issues as well as take the required actions to ensure that security permissions align with governance policies.
• Organize SharePoint – Keep your environment organized with the most relevant and used content by analysing and identifying dormant or inactive sites as well as old or unused content.  This enables user to archive information using lower cost storage options and ensures that SharePoint information is organized and easily searched.