MetaVis Technologies announces that it will preview a new SharePoint governance and compliance tool at the SharePoint Conference 2012 in Las Vegas, November 12-15, 2012. In booth #912 MetaVis will unveil Informant for SharePoint, agentless software designed to analyze content, identify sensitive information and enforce compliance standards or governance policies in the file system, SharePoint or Office 365. Companies interested in Informant for SharePoint can download the free public beta and begin analyzing their content and automating policy driven actions now.
Content across the enterprise is growing at an exponential rate. Users now have more options when creating file content including Microsoft SkyDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon S3, Outlook e-mail, and legacy file shares. As a result, more and more content is uncontrolled and unmanaged by a company’s IT department leading which can lead to information leaks, security breaches and compliance risks. MetaVis Informant for SharePoint helps mitigate these risks by providing a convenient and familiar way of crawling, analyzing, reporting, and taking action across enterprise data.
“The increased use of SharePoint, file systems and cloud-based file systems have left many companies asking what information sits across these unstructured data silos,” said Peter Senescu, President and Co-founder of MetaVis Technologies. “Organizations need tools that will allow them to crawl, analyze and enforce governance policies for their unstructured data – no matter where it resides. At this year’s SharePoint Conference, we are excited to preview Informant for SharePoint which helps companies know their data and in turn, take an appropriate course of action to enforce compliance, mitigate risk, and govern their content.”
With MetaVis Informant for companies will be able to:
• Identify Sensitive Information: Rapidly analyze content across multiple sources and identify sensitive information, such as PII, PHI, and other privacy data, inside the actual files through advanced crawling and sophisticated text analytics;
• Report on Content: Create detailed reports on your content, including the ability flag objects outside of your policy for future actions;
• Automate Policy Driven Actions: Enforce industry compliance standards, protect sensitive information and manage risk through policy driven actions in SharePoint, Office 365, and the file system;
•  mprove Data Security: Set desired permissions or lock-down objects, such as sites, lists and libraries, folders, and items that are outside of policy across multiple content sources;
• Take Action: Copy, move, delete, modify permissions, auto-tag, archive, backup, and set field values based on analysis and compliance policy reports;
• Retention: Preserve content in accordance with compliance and company retention policies through intelligent auto-classification; and
• Performance: Load balancing across all front-end web servers for efficient resource utilization.
MetaVis Informant for SharePoint public beta currently supports Office 365, SharePoint 2013 and all previous versions of SharePoint (hosted or on-premises), Dropbox, and file systems. Support for Google Drive, Amazon S3, and Outlook e-mail coming soon. Informant is a client application available on both Windows and Mac OS X.   Visit the MetaVis booth #912 at the SharePoint Conference 2012 for a live demo or download the public beta today.