Micro Focus, the leading provider of enterprise application modernization, testing and management solutions, today announced the availability of VisiBroker 8.5, an enhanced version of the company’s Common Object Request Broker Architecture (CORBA) application and middleware server for developing, deploying and managing distributed applications. The newest version of VisiBroker helps companies improve upon their high-performance architectures by enabling them to integrate with the most recent platform and operating system editions, shorten the development timeline and lower the overall cost of projects. This upgrade is free to supported VisiBroker customers.

VisiBroker is the most widely deployed CORBA Object Request Broker (ORB) infrastructure – with more than 30 million licenses in use globally. VisiBroker is deployed at global telecom, financial services, defense, aviation, pharmaceutical, IT services, transportation and government organizations to promote the design of complex systems with defined engineering, performance and throughput requirements, distributed locations, diverse computing platforms and the need for long-term commercial support.

“VisiBroker’s built-in management capabilities help developers reduce system downtime while ensuring efficient, active use of resources,” said Phil Bevins, VP product management and product marketing, Micro Focus. “Coupled with outstanding technical support, VisiBroker continues to be one of the most cost-effective, low-risk solutions for CORBA-based applications.”

Additional enhancements to VisiBroker include:
· Platform Currency: Platform currency involves keeping up with new releases of operating systems, compilers and other supporting technologies such as chipset and binary modes. VisiBroker 8.5 continues supporting currently used platforms while introducing next-generation versions where relevant.

· Full IPv6 Support: IPv6 represents the extension of IP addressing to 128 bits from the 32 bits used by IPv4. In VisiBroker 8.5, all functionality of IPv6 will be supported.

· Logging Performance Enhancements: The VisiBroker 8.5 logging feature has been improved to better support diagnosis of faults, both in VisiBroker and in applications.

· Backward Compatibility: “Install and run” compatibility with VisiBroker 8.0 applications negates the need for recompiles and speeds the path for product updates.