Apache APISIX is a cloud-native microservices API gateway that entered the Apache Incubator in October. The API gateway is intended to handle interface traffic for websites, mobile and IoT applications. 

“At some point, traditional monolithic application architectures simply are not able to scale anymore. Inevitably, this happens to every successful software project that is based on a monolithic architecture, no matter how well the application was originally architected or how much care and effort went into the maintaining a high level of code quality,” the team wrote in a whitepaper.

“The APISIX will help speed development time and support configurable plugins for enterprise personality configuration,” the team added “APISIX is based on Nginx and etcd. Compared with traditional API gateways, APISIX has dynamic routing and plug-in hot loading, which is especially suitable for API management under micro-service system.”

It includes dynamic load balancing to balance across multiple upstream services, additional security layers such as ACL, CORS, Dynamic SSL and IP restriction. It also has traffic control, analytics, monitoring and logging plugins. 

Using AWS’s 8 core server, APISIX’s QPS reached 140,000 with a latency of only 0.2 ms, the team explained.

The full list of APISIX capabilities is available here.