Slightly more than a third (36%) of active Cloud developers have used or are using Microsoft’s Azure Cloud platform, according to a new Evans Data survey of over 400 developers actively developing for or in the Cloud. This makes it the leader over other competing services such as Google Storage (29%) and Amazon Web Services (28%) in a market that remains fragmented.
The independent syndicated survey, conducted in July, explored use patterns and intentions for Cloud development.  Another finding, that has implications for the future, showed that over half of all Cloud developers who develop within a specific Cloud service also deploy their apps to that service, while 27% deploy to a different service, and just over 10% deploy to a hybrid model which includes an on-premises element.
“Microsoft was very aggressive with its introduction of Azure to the development community a few years ago and that has paid off,” said Janel Garvin, CEO of Evans Data Corp.  “Additionally, the large established MSDN community and the fact that Visual Studio is still the most used development environment are huge assets to Microsoft in getting developers to adopt the Azure platform.  However, Cloud platform use is still very much fragmented with lots of players laying claim to small slivers of share.  It will take more time before a clear landscape of major Cloud vendors shakes out.”
The Evans Data Cloud Development Survey is conducted twice yearly and examines usage patterns, adoption intentions, and other issues relating to Cloud development such as Cloud as a development platform, Cloud development tools, ALM, Big Data in the Cloud, Security and Governance, Cloud configurations, mobile Cloud clients, and more.
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