Microsoft today announced that its Graph Powershell SDK v2 is now available in public preview. With this, users gain access to several new features.

Among these features is the ability to write more robust scripts that are both less prone to errors and less ambiguous. V2 allows users to combine both production and preview in any necessary script, using v1.0 whenever possible and beta only when it is needed. 

Next, users are enabled to choose between Microsoft.Graph module, for working with only stable APIs, or Microsoft.Graph.Beta module, to work with APIs that are still being worked on and in preview. 

According to the company, users will also be able to further improve scripts by only installing the specific modules their scripts will use instead of the whole SDK.

Additionally, v2 offers new authentication methods so the user can decide which is best suited for their specific use case. These authentication flows include managed identity, client secret credentials, environment variables-based authorization, and certificate credentials. 

Users can also unlock scenarios with success status code range support (2xx) in order to allow all 2xx responses to be treated as successful requests. With this, it is possible to gain information from the response body to use further in the script.

Lastly, v2 provides users with a migration tool for scripts from users of v1. This tool will only become available when v2 reaches general availability. 

To test out the new version, visit the website. For more information, click here