Mindjet, the global leader in enterprise innovation and mind mapping software, announced today the public availability of MindManager 15 for Windows, available immediately, and MindManager Enterprise, available October 1st, 2014. MindManager is used by over two million professionals within 83 percent of the Fortune 100 to bring order to the modern deluge of data and deadlines, dramatically improve project planning and management, and communicate information in a uniquely visual format that aids comprehension and creates opportunities for structured collaboration.

“These new MindManager versions were created as a direct result of input from our enthusiastic and active customers,” said Scott Raskin, CEO of Mindjet. “Over the years, MindManager has transformed visual mind mapping into an extremely versatile and feature-rich tool for capturing creativity, managing critical business initiatives, and communicating with clarity. MindManager helps people become more organized, capture every element of projects and proposals, and make better decisions — all while getting a lot more done.”

The MindManager map — a core component of the software, and the secret to MindManager’s brilliance, is a visual information diagram that captures the creator’s thoughts and facilitates collaborative communication through interactive embedded data, live hyperlinks, dynamic project management capabilities, advanced calculation and scheduling features, and much more. The new versions improve the new user experience, provide a range of project management and presentation capabilities requested by experienced users, and add communication, collaboration and project coordination capabilities in response to Mindjet’s Microsoft SharePoint community.

MindManager 15 for Windows adds 64-bit compatibility, new features for instantly updating and communicating project timelines, expanded presentation capabilities, and several user experience enhancements recommended by users.

With each version, MindManager becomes more and more easy to use,” said Roger C. Parker, author, content marketing expert, and owner of PublishedandProfitable.com. “The additional productivity templates and map parts [in MindManager 15] are a major enhancement. The new templates address jump-start progress by focusing on frequently needed tasks. More importantly, the vastly expanded selection of map parts provides easily-added building blocks to customize and build-out the templates, reminding users of tasks and subtasks that might otherwise be overlooked.”

Additionally, the new MindManager Enterprise offering takes advantage of Microsoft SharePoint integration to use MindManager maps as a platform for communication, collaboration and project coordination. Used by customers such as EDC to coordinate global educational initiatives, the new MindManager Enterprise version enables more efficient task and information management.

Project managers can now store plans in SharePoint, and the respective team leads can make updates directly in SharePoint. They can use SharePoint tasks to track moving project parts and through the use of a dashboard map. This allows users to see up-to-the-minute project statuses, store working assets in SharePoint’s document repository, and annotate and assess what’s missing, determine what next steps are necessary, and develop future plans.

“MindManager has improved my productivity (and my clients’) in countless ways since I became a user in 1998,” said Jamie Nast, mind mapping expert and owner of IdeaMappingSuccess.com. “As someone who delivers keynotes and workshops, I’m excited about new Map Theme specifically designed for using MindManager with a projector. I’m also excited about the new map parts and sketch images. I couldn’t imagine being without it!”