Mitek today announced a developer program which enables developers to use the same technology already used by 20 million consumers. The program will extend use of Mitek’s Mobile Imaging Platform™ to developers interested in creating new mobile applications using the smartphone or tablet camera. Mitek is also prepared to make multiple seed investments totaling up to $1M in developers who can identify substantial market opportunities using the mobile imaging platform.

Developers are able to create apps that capture information from checks, drivers licenses, bill coupons, vehicle identification numbers and any information printed within four corners.  

In the coming months, Mitek will also make its patented signature validation API available to developers in the program.

Developers at a recent hackathon created impressive apps in 48 hours including:
– eCheque – take a photo of a check to generate a unique digital signature enabling two factor authentication to reduce fraud  
– CalCount –  take a photo of a nutrition label on food packaging to pre populate calories in a calorie counting app
– HaullerMe – take a photo of a driver license to facilitate moving, hauling, and delivery services app

“We see tens of thousands of creative uses of Mitek technology. Seeing prototypes built in such a short time span at the hackathon and by developers testing the program gives us confidence that Mitek’s Developer Program will create a whole new class of user friendly mobile apps,” said Mike Strange, Mitek’s CTO.

Developers can now test 1,000 transactions for free.  Apply and download mobile capture SDK and API at