Virtual reality developers are getting a new way to enhance their applications and solutions. Oculus has announced mixed reality capture for its VR device, Rift. This new feature will allow developers to build content that merges game footage with live footage.

“Rather than presenting a user’s limited point of view, mixed reality actually gives people outside of VR a better understanding of what it feels like to be immersed in VR. In doing so, mixed reality capture unlocks a new way for developers, creators, streamers, and marketers to share their content online and in-person,” the Oculus team wrote in a post.

The Oculus team is also providing an comprehensive user guide to help developers get started. The user guide will walk developers through PCs, camera, setting up VR Objects, the CameraTool capabilities, and ideal room and sensor setups.

The Oculus team notes developers will have to mount the Touch controller for camera tracking and should follow documentation as precisely as possible in order for the best possible set up.

Going forward, Oculus will continue to make new improvements, add new functionality, and simplify the process.

“We’ve been working to bring native mixed reality capture support to Oculus Rift, and now, it’s here! Time to go out and get a green screen. Using our new stack, developers (and other pro users, once more apps are enabled) can create videos and other content that merges live footage of people using Rift and Touch in the real world with in-game footage from VR apps,” the team wrote.