The Android development team has announced the release of Android 14 Beta 4, which includes the final APIs and app-facing behaviors that will be present in Android 14 when it releases later this year. 

It is available for testing on multiple devices and device types, including Pixel Tablet, Pixel Fold, and Pixel phones. This means that “you can test your applications on devices spanning multiple form factors and directly experience the work we’re doing to improve the large-screen and foldable device experience,” Dave Burke, VP of engineering for Android, wrote in a blog post

Beta 4 is the second Platform Stable release for Android 14. Google recommends app developers finish their compatibility tests and publish any updates that will be needed to allow their apps to smoothly run on the latest version. 

Updates coming to Android 14 include:

  • Improved battery life via updates to the internal broadcast systems, such as a new standard for how foreground services are used
  • An easier option for selecting your preferred language
  • An option to increase font size to 200% for visually impaired users, up from 130% previously
  • A more prominent back arrow when using gesture navigation
  • A new accessibilityDataSensitive attribute that allows apps to limit the visibility of specified views to accessibility services 
  • Privacy updates
  • Availability of Credential Manager as an API
  • The ability to dismiss ongoing notifications

More information, including how to access the API, is available on the developer site.