Google’s mobile development platform Firebase is getting a number of updates today focused on building better apps, improving app quality and growing businesses.

“At Firebase, our mission is to help mobile app teams succeed, which means having the capabilities to support companies and teams of all sizes and complexity. In the last couple of years, we’ve matured significantly, from a realtime database to a full mobile app development platform. Firebase is built on top of Google Cloud, so you get all the technical scale, enterprise-grade control and management, and machine learning strength that underpins many of Google’s products,” Frances Ma, head of product for Firebase, wrote in a post.

For businesses, the company announced Firebase In App Messaging, improved reporting for the cloud messaging console, and change history for Remote Config. The in app messaging solution is a new tool for guiding active app users to targeted and contextual messages. “Now, you’ll be able to communicate with your most valuable users – the ones already interacting with your app – and deepen engagement with them by surfacing relevant information, offers, and tips as they use your app!” Ma wrote.

As part of its mission to improve app quality, Google is adding Crashlytics integrations for productivity. Crashlytics integrations are designed to help users keep track of all the different tools they are using within their workflow. The integrations include the ability to export Crashlytics data from Firebase to BigQuery, and integration with Jira SOftware for creating Jira issues based on crashes. “Combined with the existing integration with Slack, your team can now track the crashes they are working on, with tools they already use,” Ma wrote.

Lastly, in order to build better app experiences, the company announced a serverless backend, ability to host and update multiple websites, and an improved console. The serverless backend enables users to easily scale up their databases and takes advantage of the recently released Cloud Functions.