Android Studio Arctic Fox art

Android Studio Arctic Fox is now available as a stable release. This version introduces Jetpack Compose 1.0 and focuses on devices and developer productivity. 

Device enhancements include a new Wear OS pairing assistant to make it easier to pair Wear OS emulations; the completion of the development and testing workflow for Automotive OS, enabling the emulator to now use car sensor data to simulate driving; and out-of-the-box support for landscape in templates to better support apps for tablets.

Productivity enhancements include lint checks for Android 12, an Accessibility Scanner for Layout Editor, Test Matrix for viewing test results across multiple devices, preview support for Apple Silicon, and a Background Task Inspector to help analyze background workers. 

Uno Platform 3.9

According to the company, this latest release adds support for .NET 6, support for Visual Studio 2022 templates, WinAppSDK 0.8.1, Focus management updates, and a XAML Trimming feature that reduces the size of WebAssembly apps by nearly 50%. 

It includes a number of other smaller improvements and bug fixes as well, including detection of Uno.UI and Uno.WinUI mixing, Linux installation documentation, and animated icon support.

More information is available here

Couchbase Server 7 now available

The latest version of Couchbase Server combines features of relational databases, such as ACID transactions, with the flexibility of modern databases. This enables companies to accelerate moving business-critical applications to the cloud to improve application flexibility and developer agility, the company explained. 

Key highlights of this release include fully mature SQL transaction capabilities, a dynamic data containment model to ensure zero downtime during updates, and collection-level processing of data access, partitioning, and index isolation to improve performance. 

“With Couchbase Server 7, the relational versus NoSQL database debate is over,” said Ravi Mayuram, senior vice president of engineering and CTO of Couchbase. “Modern developers no longer have to struggle with having multiple databases– a relational database for transactionality, and a NoSQL database for flexibility and scale. We are delighted to be the first modern Database-as-a-Service provider to combine traditional relational database functionality like SQL and transactions with the flexibility and scalability of NoSQL.”

AtScale launches AI-Link

AI-Link offers a Python interface to connect AtScale to data science and analytics programs. According to the company, AtScale’s semantic layer provides the governance, consistency, and compliance that is needed to scale business intelligence and AI while accelerating connections to public and private cloud data.  

Other benefits of AI-Link include reduced complexity of data wrangling and preparation, the ability to tap into qualitative and quantitative values of data, accelerated feature engineering, model reusability, and automated writeback of data science model predictions. 

“Giving line-of-business users and executives the ability to access, analyze and act on machine learning predictions and augmented analytics is the real value of enterprise AI,” said Christopher Lynch, executive chairman and CEO of AtScale. “We’re seeing more and more organizations embrace the convergence of artificial intelligence and business intelligence as a fundamental component of their digital transformation.”

Fortanix announces Data Security Manager now available as a SaaS solution

Data Security Manager (DSM) SaaS provides the benefits of the on-premise data security solution while also meeting the security standards for the cloud, such as FIPS 140-2 Level 3. 

“It’s a dangerous world for data, and many organizations just don’t have the time or skilled staff required to deploy new data security solutions,” said Ambuj Kumar, CEO and co-founder of Fortanix. “With DSM SaaS, customers can now get complete access to the exact data security that they need literally within minutes, and then stay secure as their needs grow and change.”