Mobilize.Net, the leading provider of modernization solutions for legacy applications, today announced the Web Modernization Accelerator Program (WebMAP), the fastest, most cost-effective way to move Visual Basic 6, .NET and Powerbuilder applications to the web.  WebMAP provides a complete modernization solution that includes automated software analysis and transformation tools, professional engineering services and 24/7 developer support. Benefits include a dramatic (up to 80%) savings in total project cost, as well as radical improvements in time to market with 75% reduction in overall project schedule compared with manual rewrites. Mobilize.Net is led by CEO Tom Button, the former long-time corporate vice president of Microsoft Developer Division, who led the assent of Microsoft’s developer tools business to its height of influence in the industry and which now accounts for $2 billion in revenue for Microsoft.

Countless enterprise IT departments are grappling with 15-20 year-old source code that has become outdated, obsolete, unsupported, and doesn’t address the requirements of newer platforms, such as the web, cloud, or mobile devices.  In addition, 59% of IT leaders place modernization as their top software issue.  In response to enterprise’s need to move to the web, Mobilize.Net created WebMAP.

“There are billions and billions of lines of legacy VB6, .NET, and Powerbuilder code in ISVs and enterprises today. Modernization technology can provide migration solutions that are vastly more efficient and less risky, preserving the value of the business IP in the legacy code, while updating the architecture to breathe new life into aging software assets,” said Tom Button, CEO of Mobilize.Net. “With WebMAP, we can do just that by helping companies quickly, easily and safely move their working code to the latest web architecture, without introducing the bugs or project risks that plague manual rewrites.”

WebMAP Automated Tools Can Migrate Up to 95% of Code to Web Standards
The conversion technology behind WebMAP has been successfully used on thousands of projects and billions of lines of code and is Microsoft’s chosen migration solution for .NET. It generates 100% native code with no reliance on proprietary third party runtimes with costly ongoing license fees. Moreover, it reduces the number of lines of code developers need to write and reduces the cost of development. All of this allows the development teams to focus on adding new features that take advantage of the target platform rather than throwing out and rewriting functionality that works.
Features of the WebMAP automation technology include:
• Automatic code separation technology divides application code optimally between web clients and servers, an innovation unique to WebMAP. The resulting application is multi-tier, multi-tenant, and web-enabled, ideal for mobile device clients and software as a service models.
• Ability to customize the tooling to fit specific customer needs such as preferred architecture, custom component mappings, and company coding standards, making the resulting app easy to maintain and extend with new functionality going forward.
• Semantic rather than just syntactic code analysis and transformation, resulting in a code base on the new platform that accurately reflects the developer’s original intent with pattern matching and optimizations over blocks of code, not simply line by line.
Based on ArtinSoft’s automation technology which has been used by hundreds of thousands of developers, WebMAP combines its proven transformation technology with on-site engineering services to accelerate the total project timeline.  

Services and Support for Guaranteed Success
In addition to the modernization technology in WebMAP, Mobilize.Net provides extensive modernization expertise, including comprehensive services and support that enable customers to fully internalize and understand the resulting IP of the migrated application so they can readily maintain and extend it going forward. Specifically, the services team provides project planning, estimation and best practices expertise, on-site migration engineer, custom training, dedicated engineers with 24x7x365 guaranteed availability and mobile device client configuration testing on all major client configuration hardware and software stacks including iOS, Android and others if needed.  Mobilize.Net also continues the Artinsoft tradition of providing a fixed price bid with a fixed schedule on all turnkey projects.  

In related news, Mobilize.Net announced today that it has combined forces with ArtinSoft and is now operating as one company. Please see separate news release.