Catchpoint today announced it is adding the ability to capture user sentiment to its digital experience monitoring platform.

According to Catchpoint’s announcement, the new capability will offer enterprises “broader insights into the overall health and performance” of their applications and services. The offering rounds out the platform, which already performs synthetic, network, endpoint and real user monitoring.

User sentiment is collected in three ways, according to Catchpoint CEO Mehdi Daoudi: monitoring  global social networks to see if people are complaining about a company or its application; using machine learning to remove false positives, and self-reporting of issues.

The company also announced, a free website that enables anyone to self-report issues they might be having with their applications. WebSee also collects outages and performance issues that are reported and validated by Catchpoint, which will report the issue on

“When we say verified issues, these are things our team has detected using social media, then they go and investigate this particular thing. They show screenshots; if there are networking problems, we show data that our synthetic monitoring captured,” Daoudi said. 

“It’s a human validation,” he added. “We have talked about the customer experience, the employee experience, especially now with people working from home, and there is the concept of the human experience. This is part of this picture, and ultimately, it’s all about how do you protect your brand, your revenue, your customer satisfaction by providing better visibility?”

The user sentiment capability will be rolled out to DEM platform customers in mid-summer, while and a Catchpoint browser extension are available now for anyone to use.