Moxtra, Inc. today announced the official launch of its power communication + collaboration SDK for mobile app developers. With a few lines of code, developers can integrate rich, real-time interactive conversation capabilities into their apps to drive engagement between app users. Launched within an app via a ‘Moxo’ button, the Moxtra SDK allows app owners to bring in-context communication + collaboration to their users in days instead of years while saving millions of dollars in R&D costs.

“Users are looking for in-context communication + collaboration experiences to get things done effectively and efficiently,” said Subrah Iyar, co-founder and CEO of Moxtra. “With the Moxtra SDK, we make it simple to deliver in-context experiences for our partners. We worked closely with over 20 early access partners over the past few quarters to make sure our SDK is easy to implement. I am excited to officially launch our SDK today and thankful for the support and enthusiasm of our early access partners.”

The Moxtra SDK currently includes four modules for developers: Moxtra Chat, Moxtra Meet, Moxtra Draw and Moxtra Clip. Moxtra Chat gives users in-app access to rich messaging and collaboration for team or topic-based activities. Moxtra Meet lets users instantly start a full-fledged, real-time meeting on the go with screen sharing and audio conferencing. Moxtra Draw and Moxtra Clip allow users to annotate or record voice over app screens or files stored in the app or the cloud. With the modular approach, developers can pick and choose the capabilities they need to enable in-app communication + collaboration experiences for their users.

The Moxtra SDK is powered by Moxtra Cloud, built for mobile-first communication + collaboration services.  Moxtra Cloud also powers the Moxtra app that is available as a co-branded app to select partners.

“Our high demanding government, police and security enterprise clients are looking for state-of-the-art, essential communications systems that quickly can pull together people and information in one focused activity,” said Alf Eriksson, CEO of Crowdsoft Technology. “Meet is an essential and powerful communications mechanism that complements the Crowdsoft One hub system’s Extended Video Management (EVM), analytics, roles-based case files, and API feature integration capabilities.”

“Deductr’s web-based and mobile apps do all the heavy lifting to help small and independent business owners maximize their tax deductions and take the guesswork out of the tax equation by automatically tracking expenses, mileage, and time–providing single-click access to everything a user needs to be better prepared to meet with their tax professional when tax time rolls around,” said Tyler Thompson, Deductr’s VP of Business Development. “The addition of Moxtra’s Binder, Chat, and Meet features in Deductr provide a number of safe and secure alternatives for our users to share their tax information with their tax professionals and an efficient vehicle for them to speak and collaborate with all of the people involved in their tax preparation process.”

“We are excited to bring contextual collaboration to our customers and give them the ability to meet around their content, in our cloud, with just one click.” said Bart Giordano, VP of Business Development at Egnyte. “Within just a few days of development using the Moxtra SDK, we are now able to confidently demonstrate powerful world class collaboration within our enterprise grade product.”

“With Moxtra integrated into our Edge platform, we will be able to deliver rich, unstructured collaboration right within the context of structured business processes, increasing the velocity of decision making for our enterprise customers,” said Amalia Tanaka of Infosys. “Moxtra includes a complete, easy-to-integrate communications + collaboration stack that enables us to offer cutting-edge technologies to customers in record time.”

“With the mobile version of PerkinElmer’s ChemDraw software for use with Apple iPad devices, we make it quick and simple for chemists and students to capture their ideas anywhere at any time,” said Phil McHale, Senior Marketing Professional for PerkinElmer’s Informatics business. “But sharing these ideas is equally important. With Moxtra’s screen sharing and voice call capabilities, our users can exchange their creations with colleagues without leaving the ChemDraw mobile app. To us, this is amazing. The mobile version of PerkinElmer’s ChemDraw software is now a venue for a true meeting of the minds.”

“Moxtra works diligently, behind the scenes, empowering communications + collaboration within apps,” said Raj Srivastav, President of SDI. “Our users are able to talk, chat and screen-share, leading to lower app bounce rates and increased engagement. As an app design and marketing house, we can now enable phenomenally functional benefits for our customers via Moxtra, transforming the UX and thereby multiplying the possibilities of fame and success for our customers.”

“The Moxtra SDK will allow us to quickly integrate web and mobile screen-sharing. This feature helps salespeople present content more effectively through Showpad to their prospects,” said Ganesh Kumaraswamy, Head of Product for Showpad. “That opens time for our internal development team to focus on other strategic needs of the Showpad product roadmap.”

“We expect Moxtra’s capabilities to quickly become an indispensable part of our management software suite,” said Marilia Rocca, platforms and cloud vice president of Totvs. “The marriage of mobility and secure, real-time collaboration is exactly what businesses have been asking for, and Moxtra delivers that in an attractive, reliable package invented by proven thought leaders in the industry.”

“Our customers in the fashion industry must create exponentially higher volumes of content as they engage users across more channels and from multiple departments within the organization. Almost everyone in the enterprise either makes or accesses digital content today,” said Marco Serpilli, CEO and founder of WARDA. “Making our customers more competitive is about helping them get the right assets to the right people at the right time. Our partnership with Moxtra is taking us a step further in this quest.”

“Moxtra enabled us to integrate in-context communication + collaboration experiences into our e-signature apps with only a few lines of code,” said Gerald Caesar, CEO of xyzmo Software. “This integration enables us to provide our customers with a powerful collaboration experience right from the app. The integration was very easy and done in a few days.”

Moxtra was built by ex-WebEx executives and engineers with hundreds of cumulative years of experience. Moxtra works across platforms and devices and is scalable to billions of users. Individual developers can save millions of dollars in R&D and several years of time-to-market by leveraging the Moxtra SDK.

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