Red Hat and Microsoft announced at the conference that Azure Red Hat OpenShift — a joint Kubernetes solution running in the Microsoft Azure public cloud. The partnership will allow IT organizations to use Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform on-premises and to bring Azure services to those workloads.

The service is backed by Red Hat’s expertise in open source and MIcrosoft’s cloud strengths, the companies said. Together, OpenShift and Azure give organizations a way to bring containerized applications into existing workloads, and then manage and orchestrate those workloads in hybrid environments.

“Hybrid cloud provides a clear vision into the future of enterprise computing, where public cloud services, virtualization, Linux containers and bare-metal servers are simply different components of one technology stack,” Paul Cormier, president of products and technologies at Red Hat, said in a statement. “Azure Red Hat OpenShift provides a consistent Kubernetes foundation for enterprises to realize the benefits of hybrid cloud computing, enabling IT leaders to innovate with the backing of industry leaders in Red Hat and Microsoft.”