The July 2021 update of Visual Studio Code C++ introduces new features such as Disassembly View while debugging, inline macro expansions, and debug support for Windows ARM64 architecture. 

Disassembly View allows users to debug assembly code corresponding to the instructions created by their compiler and will be included in the 1.59 release of Visual Studio Code in August.

With the July 2021 update of the C++ extension, users can debug projects on Windows ARM64, completing the end-to-end Surface Pro X C++ development experience in VS Code. 

.NET Framework July 2021 update preview

The new preview release includes quality and reliability improvements such as a fix that CLR solves serious lock contention during generation 2 GC heaps and a 

The new version also fixes an issue where some Windows Forms applications that use ToolStrip controls with ToolStripControlHost, and run under UIA Accessibility Tools, could make Accessibility Tools unresponsive.

The Cumulative Update Preview is available via Windows Update and Microsoft Update Catalog.

Nintex K2 Five enhancements

Nintex announced the latest enhancements to Nintex K2 Five that include a new Style Profile with a visual design experience for creating customized themes and styles, built-in error resolution, and automated deployments. 

“Since Nintex acquired K2 in October 2020, our teams have been hard at work to ensure we continue to provide our global Nintex community with technology innovations that take a modern approach to process automation and application development,” said Neal Gottsacker, the chief product officer at Ninex. “Our latest features within Nintex K2 Five further empower IT teams and app developers to rapidly and easily build mission-critical solutions.”

Three of the most notable benefits of the new version include the ability to process apps that are built and deployed rapidly, the ability to empower teams with maximized resources, and to take control of processes and workflows.