MultiMedia Soft announces today the release of the latest major update of its Audio Sound Suite for .NET, a suite of three different .NET components for Winform-based applications (separate ActiveX version is available) giving developers the possibility to add sound playback, mixing, editing, tagging, recording, analysis and CD ripping features to their applications. The setup package contains extended documentation with tutorials and various sample projects in C# and VB.NET languages allowing a smaller learning curve and a shorter “time to market” when developing multimedia applications.

The three components included in the suite cover different fields of audio management and, if needed, can be easily integrated to work together inside the multimedia application under development. Below is a brief summary of features exposed by each component:

Audio DJ Studio for .NET adds audio/video playback, mixing capabilities, volume automation and playlists management to DJs applications. This component supports many audio formats and video formats through DirectShow codecs. The use of DirectSound, ASIO and WASAPI allows playing tracks to have a separate control over Volume, Tempo, Playback Rate, Pitch and Equalizer values: visual feedback is provided through embedded VU-Meter, Spectrum Analyzer, Oscilloscope and Waveform display.

Audio Sound Recorder for .NET supports recording and encoding in several formats and from different audio sources through DirectSound, ASIO and WASAPI. Visual feedback is provided through embedded VU-Meter, Spectrum Analyzer, Oscilloscope and Waveform display. The integrated Sound Activation System allows pausing a recording session automatically when no sound is being heard. This component can obtain CDDB information about a CD album during a ripping session.

Audio Sound Editor for .NET adds sounds editing and sound analysis capabilities to multimedia applications. This component can perform various operations with audio data such as analyzing the sound´s waveform at different resolutions with rich visualization capabilities like zooming/panning and can apply various filters and various audio effects like DMO, VST, Equalizer, Tempo change, custom DSP, sliding volume and volume automation. Support for meta-tags in various formats (ID3V1, ID3V2, WMA, MP4, CART, BEXT, etc.) is available as well. Edited sounds can be encoded in several audio formats.

Pricing and Availability
The product licensing is “per developer” and one single developer license costs $899.00 (USD); quantity discounts are available. Licensed customers are entitled for free upgrades to minor versions, discounts for major versions and priority technical support. Discounts for site licenses are available (please, contact us directly for detailed quotes).