MyWorkDrive offers easy cloud access to secure local enterprise file stores, resulting in increased productivity with the security of local control over an enterprise’s own data. dtSearch specializes in enterprise and developer text retrieval and document filters. Together the companies announce the addition of a dtSearch enterprise search option for MyWorkDrive’s larger enterprise customers looking to instantly search terabytes of data.

MyWorkDrive offers remote data access using any web browser. The web browser access MyWorkDrive provides is both elegant and user friendly, loaded with the features users need with nothing to install. MyWorkDrive further lets enterprises optionally enable two-factor authentication for additional security and compliance. End-users can also publicly share files without compromising security.

MyWorkDrive features include both online editing as well as collaboration. Remote users can even edit local MS Office documents in Microsoft Office Online while still saving files to the enterprise’s own servers. In fact, MyWorkDrive is unique in the way it combines the ability to edit MS Office files online while securely saving files back to an enterprise’s own internal infrastructure.

For enterprise search, MyWorkDrive now lets users integrate dtSearch for searching larger volumes of data. “dtSearch has been a leader in enterprise search since its founding in 1991,” explains MyWorkDrive. “We have partnered with for larger enterprises with storage capacities for file shares exceeding 2 Terabytes.” dtSearch “has been engineered specifically with large enterprises in mind – allowing customers to instantly search terabytes of data.”

dtSearch developer products instantly searches terabytes of text including over 25 full-text and metadata-driven search options across multiple different platforms and operating systems. dtSearch’s proprietary document filters support a wide range of online and offline data covering numerous document types, emails plus nested attachments, website data and other databases.