The NAG Library for Java, from the Numerical Algorithms Group, has been updated with over 100 routines further increasing its numerical capabilities for Java application developers.

At this, its second release the NAG Library for Java enables the calling of precisely 1,784 mathematical and statistical routines to aid complex computation and now features enhanced error reporting enabling increased precision from computation results. Release 2 of the NAG Library for Java also provides additional abstract classes for callback functions alongside a host of new numerical functionality.

New functionality at Release 2 of the NAG Library for Java
Multi-start (global) optimization
Non-negative least squares (local optimization)
Nearest Correlation Matrix
Inhomogeneous Time Series
Gaussian Mixture Model
Confluent Hypergeometric Function (1F1)
Brownian Bridge & random fields
Best subsets
Real sparse eigenproblems
Matrix Functions
Two stage spline approximation

Software developers writing in the popular Java language that require accurate and reliable numerical functionality are faced with a dilemma; write numerical routines yourself or source elsewhere? The NAG Library for Java saves those working in the environment crucial development time by providing world-class quality, robust, stringently tested and fully documented numerical code in one cost effective numerical library. Why waste time writing arduous routines when the work has been done for you?

More benefits of the NAG Library for Java:

Detailed documentation giving background information and function specification. In addition it guides users to the right function for their problem via decision trees.
Expert Support Services direct from NAG’s algorithm development team – if users need help, NAG’s technical staff, are on hand to offer help and assistance.

Hands-on Product Training – NAG offers a wide range of tailored training courses either at our offices or in-house, including ‘hands-on’ practical sessions, helping users to get the most out of their software.

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