Narrative Science, the leader in advanced natural language generation (Advanced NLG) for the enterprise, and Sisense, the Business Intelligence (BI) company that’s disrupting the industry by simplifying analytics for complex data, announced a strategic partnership today. With this partnership, Sisense is leveraging the Narratives for Business Intelligence API to power Sisense Everywhere, a program that is changing the way business users consume data by bringing it into their natural environments. They will be demonstrating their joint technology at the “Innovative BI in Action” session at the Gartner Data and Analytics Summit on March 5, 2017.

Sisense Everywhere empowers everyday users to further connect with their data by engaging in two-way conversations on their platform of choice. The Sisense platform integrates Advanced NLG from Narrative Science to automatically transform users’ data and visualizations into Intelligent Narratives. Now, instead of users having to manually interpret complex analytical dashboards, they can simply ask relevant questions and receive real-time answers in natural language. Sisense and Narrative Science continue to make advancements in BI that make business insights more intuitive and accessible for all users, driving human action and business outcomes.

While BI has traditionally been focused on technically savvy users and IT, Sisense is advancing its mission to make BI accessible for all business users, enabling them to make fast, data-driven business decisions. 

“The Business Analytics market is on the brink of transformation. The use of artificial intelligence in our platform and Narrative Science’s NLG technology is evidence of how machine learning is being used to make BI accessible to all business users.” said Amir Orad, CEO of Sisense. “We are proud to lead the disruption of the traditional ways BI has been done and consumed. In collaborating with Narrative Science, we continue driving forward our mission to simplify business analytics by creating simpler ways to manage, analyze and transform complex data into insights everywhere.”

“The next generation of business intelligence includes AI-powered conversational interfaces that revolutionize the way people interact with these powerful applications,” said Stuart Frankel, CEO of Narrative Science. “Our unique partnership with Sisense reflects our shared belief that AI advancements can humanize data, enabling everyday users to truly understand analytical insights anywhere and to make smarter and faster business decisions as a result.”

Businesses interested in learning more about AI-powered insights can meet with both companies at the Gartner Data and Analytics Summit. Narrative Science will be at Booth #112 while Sisense will be at #613.

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