NaviSite, Inc. (NASDAQ: NAVI), a premier provider of enterprise-class hosting, managed application, managed messaging and managed cloud services, today announced the availability of its TestDev Cloud solution. As part of TestDev Cloud’s introduction, NaviSite is offering a free, no-risk, 30-day trial.

NaviSite TestDev Cloud, built on the enterprise-class NaviCloud platform, is designed to address the development and testing requirements of ISVs and enterprises with in-house development teams. It is an agile, on-demand development platform that is suitable for development and testing initiatives of any size. TestDev Cloud provides added flexibility, with role-based access control to ensure complete, secure resource governance, as well as an easy-to-use web console that simplifies management and administration.

NaviSite TestDev Cloud, which accommodates most development platforms, includes:

• TestDev Development Tools – Support for a number of development environments, including Windows, .NET, Java-based, LAMP, and Ruby on Rails.

• TestDev Testing Tools – Pre-defined and customizable scripts increase speed-to-market.

• Cloud Enablement Services – Eases and accelerates migration to the cloud. Cloud Enablement Services include Cloud Readiness Assessment; Cloud Migration and Integration; and Cloud Optimization.

• Managed Cloud Services – Enables on-demand scalable provisioning of IT services, including applications, servers, storage, and networks. The NaviCloud platform offers unique enterprise IT advantages that tap into the core of NaviSite’s application and enterprise infrastructure management expertise.

NaviSite’s cloud-based solution creates a strong collaborative environment, enabling dispersed development and testing teams to work together, while the scalable platform enables development teams to replicate complex customer-use scenarios for testing. Advanced capabilities – including snapshots, cloning, airlocks, and templates – provide developers with the tools to efficiently debug and troubleshoot their development environments. TestDev Cloud also allows enterprises to take the next step, enabling rapid conversion of test environments to live, cloud-based production environments.  With NaviSite TestDev Cloud, organizations can realize:

• Cost Savings – by paying only for resources used, with no capital expenses, maintenance, or real estate costs associated with on-premises infrastructure.

• Time Savings – with greatly reduced machine set-up and rapid, easy access to capacity required to meet the dynamic, time-sensitive nature of software QA and staging.

• Improved Quality Assurance and Stronger Product Release Management – through more comprehensive testing that is not constrained by infrastructure capacity and time.

• Enhanced Compliance Adherence – by separating development, testing, and mission-critical production environments.

• Low Cost/Low Risk Migration Path – by facilitating rapid conversion to production environments.

“Using a cloud-based development and testing solution from a proven cloud provider like NaviSite is an ideal way to save time and money, while strengthening quality assurance,” said Denis Martin, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, NaviSite. “With TestDev Cloud, development teams can leverage the flexibility and scalability of NaviSite’s enterprise-class cloud for new development initiatives or to augment existing testing capabilities.