Neotys, a leader in load testing and performance monitoring tools for web and mobile applications, today announced NeoSense 1.2, an enhanced version of its synthetic monitoring solution for application performance and availability.

The release of NeoSense 1.2, now available with a free trial, furthers Neotys’ mission by bringing new capabilities around openness and easy-to-read reporting from the world of load testing to the realm of production monitoring. The solution generates synthetic users in production and actively monitors the performance and availability of critical transactions within recorded user paths to detect and automatically alert you of any issues before they become problems for real users.

“NeoSense is a vital tool in Neotys’ continuous performance validation solution for web and mobile applications,” says Gerald Labie, CEO Neotys USA, Inc. “NeoSense 1.2 adds new features and enhancements that get more actionable insights about live applications into the hands of development, QA, operations, and business managers.”

This release of NeoSense comes with new capabilities designed to give teams actionable insights, global visibility with new integrations to dashboards and monitoring tools, and enhanced analysis features.

NeoSense 1.2 Key Enhancements
On-demand & Scheduled Reports
– Create reports, on-demand or scheduled, that provide the analysis needed to support informed decision making by the various stakeholders in your organization.

Notifications to 3rd-party Tools – NeoSense 1.2 helps you build a consolidated view of the quality of your IT infrastructure, services and applications by sending notifications to 3rd-party tools (Nagios, IBM Tivoli, Splunk, and many more) when there is a problem with application performance or availability.

Additional Statistics – For transaction graphs with aggregates, distribution of health issues per category is now provided for each point and globally to the graph’s time span.

For complete details of what else is new in NeoSense 1.2 click here.

NeoSense 1.2 is available immediately. Interested parties can try NeoSense free for 30 days.