Neotys, a leader in easy-to-use, cost effective load testing tools for web and mobile applications, today announced Neotys Team Server 2.0, a central web-based server used to collaborate on test projects and test multiple applications concurrently.
Neotys Team Server is designed for users of NeoLoad, the company’s load testing tool for web and mobile applications that realistically simulates user activity and analyzes server behavior. Neotys Team Server allows development and QA teams to collaborate on testing assets and manage a shared pool of virtual users through a web-based GUI. It allows users to share any test asset from test design (virtual user definition, test scenarios) to test results. Multiple team members can work on the same project and tap into a pool of assets to reuse existing material. The centralized collaboration server provides greater visibility of test activities enabling major enhancements in productivity and cross-team communication.
Key New Features
This new version merges Neotys License Server into Neotys Team Server to provide a single web-based server for collaboration and shared license administration. Other enhancements include:
• License Management – License management for shared licenses is now performed through a web-based GUI for easier administration. Web access enables a more flexible deployment with no firewall constraints.
• Collaboration on Projects – This feature provides easy remote management of source version control for NeoLoad projects. It automatically pulls the latest version of a NeoLoad project for automated performance testing.
• Rights Management – Users, roles and permissions can now be defined to dictate who has read and write permissions on NeoLoad projects in each repository. Admin can control who is using the shared license, how many virtual users they can use and for how long.

For complete details of what else is new in Neotys Team Server, click here.
According to  Gerald Labie, CEO, Neotys USA,“Today’s IT organizations are under pressure due to shorter development and testing cycles, greater project complexity and increasingly complicated technologies to test. Neotys Team Server addresses these issues by allowing development teams the ability to maximize the potential of their testers. It provides advanced capabilities to collaborate on load testing projects so that best practices and expertise in load and performance testing can be leveraged across the organization.”
Neotys Team Server is designed to work with the company’s hallmark product NeoLoad. NeoLoad is designed for web and mobile applications to realistically simulate user activity and analyze server behavior. The solution allows users to test more quickly, efficiently and frequently, enabling faster deployment of Internet, intranet and mobile applications.  NeoLoad supports all web architectures including the newest technologies such as SPDY, HTML5, WebSocket, Ajax Push, Flex, Silverlight and GWT.
Licensing and Availability
Neotys Team Server 2.0 is available immediately. Pricing is designed to meet the needs of a wide range of requirements and budgets. License management features require the purchase of a Shared License, and collaboration capabilities are available through the purchase of the Collaboration Module. Current NeoLoad users can download it accordingly.