dtSearch Corp., a leading supplier of general enterprise and developer text retrieval software, announces a new .NET solution for running the dtSearch Engine fully online in the Microsoft Azure cloud.  The solution uses RemoteApps for secure data access of nearly any data type from nearly any computer or device.

The solution enables cloud operation of all dtSearch components, leveraging Microsoft’s new Azure Files feature for dtSearch index storage.  Searching (including all 25+ dtSearch search options) runs via Microsoft’s RemoteApp.  Using RemoteApp gives the search component the “look and feel” of a native application running under Windows, Android, iOS or OS/X.  Developers using dtSearch’s core developer product, the dtSearch Engine, can find the solution on CodeProject, including complete Visual Studio 2015 .NET sample code.

Document Filters and Supported Data.  Using dtSearch’s own proprietary document filters, dtSearch products can parse, index, search and display with highlighted hits, including in both full-text and metadata, all of the following data types.

  • Web-ready content:  supports integrated image and text support in HTML, XML/XSL, PDF, ASP.NET, CMS, PHP, SharePoint, etc.
  • Other databases:  supports XML, Access, XBASE, CSV, as well as (through the dtSearch Engine APIs) SQL data along with the full-text of BLOB data.
  • MS Office formats:  supports integrated browser-ready image and text in Word (RTF/DOC/DOCX), PowerPoint (PPT/PPTX), Excel (XLS/XLSX), Access (MDB/ACCDB) and OneNote (ONE).
  • Other “Office” formats, PDF, compression formats:  supports other “Office” suite formats; compression formats like RAR, ZIP, GZIP and TAR; PDF, PDF Portfolio, and now many encrypted PDFs.
  • Emails and attachments:  supports integrated browser-ready images, text and attachments in Outlook/Exchange (PST/OST/MSG) and Thunderbird (MBOX/EML).
  • Recursively embedded objects:  supports recursively embedded objects and images in supported email types and MS Office formats.  For example, the dtSearch document filters would support an email attachment consisting of a ZIP container including both a PDF and an Access database, where the latter also includes an embedded PowerPoint with embedded images.

Faceted Search and Other Data Classification Options.  The dtSearch Engine developer APIs support categorization based on document full-text contents, internal document metadata, database content, or data attributes associated with documents during document indexing.  The dtSearch Engine also has APIs for other advanced data classification options as well, such as faceted search and full-text and/or metadata positive and negative variable term weighting.


Terabyte Indexer.  dtSearch enterprise and developer products can index over a terabyte of text in a single index, spanning multiple directories, emails and attachments, online data and other databases.  The products can create and search any number of indexes.  Indexed search time is typically less than a second, even across terabytes of data.

Concurrent, Multithreaded Searching.  dtSearch developer products provide efficient multithreaded searching, with no limit on the number of concurrent search threads.  For online search, the products can run in a completely stateless manner, making it very easy to scale.

Federated Searching and the dtSearch Spider.  dtSearch products offer federated searching across any number of directories, emails (with nested attachments), and databases.  The dtSearch Spider adds local and remote online content to a search.  The Spider can index sites to any level of depth, with support for public and private or secure online content, including log-ins and forms-based authentication.  dtSearch products support integrated relevancy ranking with highlighted hits across both online and offline data repositories.

25+ Other Search Options and International Language Support.  The dtSearch product line provides over 25 search types, including special forensics search options.  For international language coverage, dtSearch products support Unicode, including support for right-to-left languages, and special Chinese/Japanese/Korean character options.

Products and Platforms.  SDKs include the dtSearch Engine for Win & .NET, Linux, Android and Mac OS X in beta.  Native 64-bit and 32-bit APIs cover .NET, C++, and Java.  The dtSearch Engine’s document filters are also available for separate OEM licensing across all platforms.  Other dtSearch products include:  Web with Spider (providing HTML5 templates to publish instantly searchable data to an Internet or Intranet site); Network with Spider; Desktop with Spider; and Publish.