Nevatech announced today the availability of Sentinet version 2.1, a unified SOA and API management platform for on-premises, cloud and hybrid environments. Nevatech Sentinet platform is the only industry middleware software solution built entirely on Microsoft platform, and with the focus on Microsoft technology stacks and Windows Azure cloud platform. By using Nevatech Sentinet software solution, organizations ensure their services are secured, operational and managed through all stages of applications life-cycle. Sentinet fully supports, integrates with, and extends capabilities of the Microsoft technology stacks and products such as Windows Server 2008 R2, IIS Server, BizTalk Server, Widows Azure, Windows AppFabric Service Bus and Windows Azure Access Control Service.

Sentinet version 2.1 adds a wealth of new features and enhancements to its flagship Sentinet platform, including but not limited to:

• X.509 Certificates and PKI keys management infrastructure
• Versatile, customizable and extendable Alert System
• Advanced support for transactional and asynchronous messaging
• Advanced routing capabilities
• Advanced support for Microsoft Windows Azure cloud platform
• Advanced support for Microsoft Windows Azure AppFabric Service Bus
• Advanced support for Microsoft BizTalk Server
• Numerous runtime extensibility points

Sentinet version 2.1 is offered perpetually licensed or by subscription in on-premises and cloud editions. Please visit for more details.