Nevron Software has released SharePoint Vision suite 2011.1, the company’s data visualization Web Parts collection that now enables the creation of real-time, interactive dashboards and drill-down reports, among other new features.

The new release also resolves issues around security and data source connections with Web Parts, according to Ivo Milanov, CTO of Nevron.

The Vision suite includes Nevron Chart for SharePoint, a tool for creating charting types for advanced data analysis; and Nevron Gauge for SharePoint for creating radial and linear gauges, state indicators such as KPIs and scorecards, and other numeric displays, according to the company.

In the new release, the Chart and Gauge Web Parts introduce the ability to set and manipulate parameters, which can then be integrated into any SharePoint page, the company said in the announcement. The Web Parts can now connect to SharePoint List and WebPartTable data sources residing in fixed or dynamic sites. A site resolution mode enables connecting Web Parts templates to production environments without refactoring.

Further, a new auto-refresh feature lets users set the times for the Web Parts to refresh at the client-side, enabling the creation of real-time dashboards that automatically update themselves.

Nevron Gauge for SharePoint now uses deferred data aggregation and rendering, which the company said allows for the instant showing of complex SharePoint pages. Users can now see exactly what is being processed via separate AJAX requests to the server, rather than having the page served to the client after all the Web Parts have aggregated the data and rendered the visual presentation, the company said.

A complete list of new features can be seen here.