Absoft Corporation, a leading supplier of high performance compilers and related software development tools for Windows, Linux and Mac OS, today announced the immediate availability of Pro Fortran 2012 for x86_ x64 Linux. Pro Fortran 2012 is a new major release, and the first Absoft product to incorporate support for the Advanced Vector Instruction (AVX) set incorporated into AMD’s Bulldozer and Interlagos cpus and Intel’s Sandy Bridge architectures.

AVX is a 256-bit SIMD floating-point vector extension, which builds on SSE4. Incorporated into AMD and Intel x64 architectures AVX can process wider vector sets at up to twice the speed of 128-bit data sets and scales well with increasing numbers of cpus and cores. AVX enabled AMD and Intel processors have the potential to deliver significant performance increases across a wide range of applications, especially FP intensive applications such as: 3D modeling and analysis, scientific simulation, financial analytics and HPC computing. Absoft says the addition of AVX support will allow Pro Fortran 2012 developers to fully utilize the maximum performance potential of AMD and Intel’s latest AVX enabled processors.

In addition to AVX support, Pro Fortran 2012 for Linux includes: Absoft’s proprietary multi-core load balancing technology, increased F2003 support, new NVIDIA GPU code building HMPP option, new Absoft Window Environment (AWE), new user modifiable Tools Plug-in menu and Absoft’s new HPC Scientific and Engineering numerical library. Prices start at $299. IMSL v7.0 numerical libraries are an available optional. Customers who purchase Pro Fortran 2012 with IMSL bundled can save up to $500 compared to individual pricing.

Evaluation versions of Pro Fortran 2012 are available from the Absoft website at http://www.absoft.com. Registration is required. Existing Pro Fortran customers who wish to upgrade to Pro Fortran 2012 should go to http://www.absoft.com/Commercial_UpgradeOF2.htm Further information on Absoft products is available from sales@absoft.com.