GrapeCity today announced that ActiveReports Server, a 100% Web-based, rich, self-service reporting solution for business users, now supports the use of visual formulas, page headers, and page footers for its ad hoc report designer.

Business users can use the same intuitive drag and drop user interface to add visual formulas that are evaluated dynamically when the report is generated. They can also visually add page headers and page footers, and add report-related information to the reports to make them more informative. These new features also make use of the new formula processing capabilities built into ActiveReports Server.
ActiveReports Server already supports multi-tenant reporting for Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) deployments. It also supports Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) to grant single sign-on access to business users of the Microsoft Windows Active Directory and other LDAP-compatible directories.

The latest ActiveReports Server release includes all 1.x features, such as:
• Advanced interactive support for reports with page headers and footers.
• Display of useful report information within the report such as page numbers and report name.
• The ability to combine multiple text fields into one report column.
• Interactive drill down within grouped data and drill through from one report to another.
• Interactive drill-down tables that are still interactive when the report is saved to Excel format.
• Enhanced report scheduling and distribution with relative dates for report filtering parameters.