SmartBear Software, the leader in software quality tools for teams, announced a new add-on to unify SmartBear’s QAComplete test management application with Atlassian’s JIRA issue management tool. The QAComplete add-on for JIRA Software allows teams to easily design, plan, execute and track testing progress.

Atlassian JIRA Software is the most popular tool used by development and QA teams to capture, track and resolve bugs and issues throughout the entire development cycle. As an Agile project management tool, JIRA Software is not primarily aimed at test case management. For QA and development teams using JIRA Software, having a comprehensive test case management strategy is critical to reduce costs incurred from unnecessary tests, while accounting for risk and planning for coverage. A dedicated test case management tool working with JIRA Software helps teams plan, track and proactively manage manual as well as automated tests, thereby enabling them to develop and deliver software more rapidly.

The QAComplete add-on for JIRA Software on the Atlassian Marketplace empowers application development and delivery (AD&D) teams to combine JIRA Software’s issue and bug tracking expertise with the flexible test case management capabilities of QAComplete, providing the best of both worlds. With the new add-on, team members using JIRA Software can be kept up-to-speed on any testing activities taking place in QAComplete. Any changes made are automatically reflected across user stories, tasks, bugs or even custom issue types in JIRA Software. The add-on also provides real-time access to test steps, helping teams reproduce scenarios without switching context and jumping between separate tools.

“SmartBear’s new real-time, two-way integration of QAComplete into JIRA Software allows users to easily map JIRA Software Stories to QAComplete and vice-versa,” said Reggie Moore, Quality Assurance Specialist at LifeWatch. “This is particularly helpful in keeping both tools up-to-date in real-time, no matter where we make changes. The real-time two-way sync works even for screenshots and attachments, allowing us to speed up the testing and in turn linking defects and tests back to user stories. Finally, the ability to bring test steps back to JIRA Software is helpful in easily reproducing test scenarios.”

With QAComplete add-on for JIRA Software, teams can easily track and manage their tests along with other aspects of the software development cycle such as bugs, tasks and more. In addition to the QAComplete Test Management integration, SmartBear’s CrossBrowserTesting solution is also available on the Atlassian Marketplace. CrossBrowserTesting enables teams to get instant access to more than 1,500 real desktop and mobile browsers for functional and visual cross browser testing in the cloud.

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