FusionOps announced a suite of next-generation cognitive applications that will drive supply-chain-first business and enable companies to utilize their supply chains for competitive advantage. They are built on FusionOps’ award-winning enterprise platform that applies sophisticated machine learning techniques and artificial intelligence (AI) to identify and capitalize on opportunities that optimize business performance. The new applications are an extension of the company’s suite of supply chain solutions.

Supply chain management has historically been a complex process, stifled by legacy systems and operations spanning dozens of countries and stakeholders. With heightening customer demands, greater global competition and fewer growth opportunities, supply chains have only become more unwieldy over time. FusionOps has spearheaded the digitization of this complex yet vital artery for over a decade, helping Columbia Sportswear, Mahindra USA, Merck and others transform their operations and move ahead of the competition.

The cognitive applications from FusionOps foreshadow the evolution of the market and the need for smarter, quicker and more agile operations. Embedded AI and machine learning connects the dots between complex demand signals, manufacturing data, global inventory, orders and external data to provide a cognitive view of the operations. FusionOps is building a system that uses its cloud to make recommendations and take action in real-time, without requiring human input. The impact on enterprises is evident in differentiated operations that improve revenue, market capture, and efficiency, while optimizing business outcomes.

“The emergence of Industry 4.0 and cutting-edge technologies like the Internet of Things and driverless vehicles are converging to transform the supply chain into something we’ve never seen the likes of,” said Shariq Mansoor, CEO of FusionOps. “Our new solutions provide a cognitive application layer across customers’ existing technologies of today and tomorrow to transform the supply chain from a management burden to a smart, autonomous engine that optimizes operations to drive corporate performance. Our customers are well-positioned for success with these apps today as they begin building their own autonomous supply chain of the future.”

Key features of the new FusionOps cognitive applications include:

  • Search: Advanced search enables business users to find information about products, customers, plants, business units and other critical terms in real-time without any knowledge of the underlying systems or data – similar to how a consumer uses Google Search – in order to make quick decisions and uncover new opportunities. The FusionOps platform indexes and stores all relevant supply chain data from across disparate enterprise systems, (SAP, Oracle JDA, Salesforce.com, etc.) and external data sources (suppliers, customers, etc.).
  • Supply Chain Opportunities: Sophisticated rules-based data mining and machine learning continuously evaluates data and identifies new opportunities for operational supply chain improvement. Automatically generated findings are prioritized based on financial and strategic outcomes. An example of this would be automatically identifying opportunities to reduce inventory across thousands of SKUs (and by extension, reduce working capital), without impacting customer service levels.
  • Supply Chain Actions: The FusionOps cognitive applications will recommend actions to improve supply chain performance and will be able to automatically take action without requiring human oversight. For instance, the system assigns a performance score to individual suppliers, and when corrective action needs to be taken the system can automatically notify the relevant supplier without human input. Another example includes finding and shipping inventory to meet unfilled orders and capture untapped revenue.

The new search feature and cognitive applications will be available in Q4 2016. Supply chain actions will be available later in 2017. For more information, please visit: https://www.fusionops.com/.

For over a decade, FusionOps has been helping companies across 80 countries to digitize, transform operations and optimize supply chain performance. Customers such as Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany, and H. D. Smith rely on FusionOps to bring intelligence to their global supply chains as they continue to innovate and maintain market leadership.

“Customer expectations today are putting more and more pressure on businesses to improve profitability, and any technologies that accelerate our ability to get visibility in the end-to-end supply chain – including our suppliers’ supply chain and customer forecasts – can make a significant difference in our performance,” said Alessandro de Luca, Healthcare CIO for Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany. “FusionOps shares our vision for digitalization of business and how the supply chain must evolve in order for companies to innovate to best serve customers.”

“With every new enhancement, FusionOps demonstrates a commitment to helping companies like ours improve time-to-insight, be more responsive to our customers’ demands and identify ways to advance and innovate,” said Davíd Guzmán, CIO, H. D. Smith. “By utilizing tools offered by partners like FusionOps, our team is exponentially enhanced to provide our customers an experience beyond expectations and improve our efficiencies at the same time.”