Absoft Corporation and Bradly Associates,  today announced immediate availability of a new Pro Fortran + GINO GUI bundle  for Windows. This new bundle combines Absoft’s complete Pro Fortran compiler  suite with a special companion version of Bradly Associate’s GINO GUI tools.  Bradly Associates UK, well known for their high-end GINOMENU and graphics lines  have created a variation of their $990 GINOMENU and GINOMENU Studio products  for this bundle called GINO GUI Lite. GINO GUI Lite includes all the existing  functions in the GINOMENU library and all the functionality found in the GINOMENU  Studio GUI-builder, the only difference being the maximum number of widgets  which can be incorporated into a single application is 150. Everything else  is the same. GINO GUI Lite has an SRP of $395 and is available only as part  of the Absoft Pro Fortran bundle and is not sold separately. The Absoft + GINO  GUI Lite bundle is available exclusively from Absoft and Absoft resellers world-wide.  Pro Fortran + GINO GUI Lite bundle prices start at just $299 academic and $699  USD commercial.

Absoft states this bundle not only provides  exceptional value for Fortran developers, but offers functionality and ease  of use not available from any other Fortran vendor. Pro Fortran + GINO GUI Lite  not only provides industry leading, multi-threaded application performance,  but also allows Fortran developers to easily add interactive Windows interfaces  to their Fortran applications without getting involved in MFC, API or mixed-language  programming. No knowledge of system event loops or window handles is required.  This bundle is compatible with Windows XP/Vista/Win7. There are no runtime fees.  

All customers ordering Absoft Pro Fortran  v11.1 for Windows after May 20, 2011, will receive GINO GUI Lite at no additional  charge. Registered customers who purchased Pro Fortran v11.1 for Windows up  to 60 days prior, are eligible for a free copy of GINO GUI Lite and should contact Absoft sales@Absoft.com for details.

“The addition of GINO GUI Lite to the  Pro Fortran bundle adds tremendous value and capabilities for our customers,”  said Wood Lotz, president of Absoft Corp. “The combined functionality of  the Pro Fortran suite plus GINO GUI Lite at $395 off normal SRP is unmatched  in the industry! For those not familiar with GINO, they will find it a superb  product, and adding user interfaces to their Fortran program, extremely intuitive.  There is nothing else with this level of performance, functionality and price  from any other Fortran vendor,” continued Lotz.

For Absoft + GINO GUI Lite customers who  wish to upgrade or purchase additional GINO products, the bundle offers yet  another benefit – up to $800 discounts off standard SRP on all other GINO products.