Devart today unveiled the release of new powerful Visual  Studio add-in for editing T4 templates with syntax highlighting,  intellisense, code outlining, and all features of first-class text editor  add-in for Visual Studio. It provides very high performance and makes  creating T4 templates easier and faster. With this new add-in, Devart  offers a fast and easy way to create and edit T4 templates with multilevel  template including, convenient template navigation, and rich code editing  features.  

Devart T4  editor provides comprehensive intellisense including all Visual Studio C#  and Visual Basic intellisense features – tooltips, parameter info, code  completion, and additionally supports a completion list for template  directives. T4 editor intellisense lists all available C# classes and  members, even those that are in included template files and in referenced  assemblies.  
Syntax Highlighting
With  highlighting template directives, C# and Visual Basic code, you can easily  distinguish text from the function calls. Fonts and colors for templates  can be customized as for any Visual Studio code editor.  
Devart T4  Editor allows you to navigate to definitions and declarations of objects  and members if they are present in the template file or included files.   
Devart T4  Editor supports multilevel template including. All classes from included  templates are available in intellisense, and you can navigate to them with  Go To menu commands.  
Devart T4  editor supports fast and convenient code folding feature. You can hide or  display T4 control blocks, which simplifies template understanding and  editing.  
Editor Customization
You can enable  or disable intellisense, word wrapping, virtual whitespace, line numbers,  etc. Fonts and colors for syntax highlighting also can be changed.   
Devart T4  editor provides customizable and intelligent indenting.You don’t need to  add spaces or tab characters manually.  
Code Formatting
Devart T4  Editor allows you to format templates automatically.  
Support for Large Templates
Devart T4  Editor quickly parses even large template files with lots of included  files. It provides high performance when parsing and editing templates.  

Pricing and Availability
T4 Editor is an absolutely free tool,  but nevertheless you can receive full support. T4 Editor is available for  immediate download at