Hey, corporate America, ever feel like you are too connected? Well, hate to break it you, but harmon.ie is about to fuel your iPad addiction. Today, the social software provider is going mobile and unveiling the first-ever product to bring Microsoft SharePoint document collaboration and social interactions to the iPad – “harmon.ie for iPad.” In plain English, that means the mobile business community worldwide can easily join the one million existing harmon.ie desktop users to securely share documents, get real-time document and colleague status updates, and connect with colleagues anywhere, anytime.
“Think of harmon.ie for iPad this way: colleagues no longer have an excuse that they couldn’t get work done on the road because they couldn’t get ahold of the latest version of a document, or they missed a deadline because they couldn’t give feedback in time,” said Yaacov Cohen, CEO of harmon.ie. “We basically just made the mobile business world all the more accessible – and accountable – by providing a secure, consistent enterprise iOS application for SharePoint users on-the-go. You’re welcome.”
To date, more than 67 million iPads have been sold. According to Apple, 94 percent and 74 percent of Fortune 500 and global 500 companies are respectively testing or deploying iPads. For the iPad to become a full-fledged enterprise platform, it must enable roaming business users to edit and share documents securely and easily as well as provide a user experience that is consistent across all devices and platforms. harmon.ie is the only solution that delivers this consistent collaborative and social experience everywhere.
For the first time, business users can work on a presentation from their desktop, drag-and-drop it to SharePoint, and send a link to colleagues using harmon.ie in Microsoft Outlook or IBM Lotus Notes. Then, as they rush to catch a [insert flight, train, bus, or happy hour here], they can see document updates from colleagues while on-the-go using the iPad. They can access the latest version of the document, edit it from the [insert plane, hotel room, restaurant table, or crowded crosswalk here], and share it with the team when they are back online. The team will receive a real-time update once the revised document is uploaded.
“Corporate America – 78 percent of which already use SharePoint, according to Forrester – spends at least half its work day in email. Another significant portion of the day is spent on-the-go – whether in restaurants, on airplanes or in hotel rooms,” added David Lavenda, vice president of marketing and product strategy at harmon.ie. “So think about it: doesn’t it make sense to convert these places into social, collaborative workspaces rather than invent something entirely new? With harmon.ie, users no longer need to toggle from window to window to grab documents or contact colleagues. There are no more concerns over version control or large files clogging inboxes or outboxes. With harmon.ie, everything that corporate America needs to be productive and efficient is simply accessible from the iPad, iPhone or email window.”
In fact, harmon.ie for iPad makes SharePoint so accessible that a movement has formed to alert the public to the dangers of using SharePoint while walking. Check out the mania at www.DontSharePointWhileWalking.com. The site contains footage of the mass hysteria plus a free harmon.ie for iPad download.
harmon.ie for iPad costs $19.99 and is now available via iTunes. A harmon.ie Lite app is available for free. An enterprise version that provides MDM support for download and provisioning will be available later in Q2 this year.